Eczema treatments in West London

Red itchy skin

If you suffer with red, itchy skin then it is possible you have eczema, a skin complaint which affects an estimated one in nine people in the UK. Although some eczema sufferers are born with the condition – what is known as 'atopic' eczema – others develop it later in life. Other symptoms to be aware of include drying and cracking of the skin, flaking, blistering and, occasionally, bleeding.

Eczema triggers

Symptoms can sometimes flare up in response to a number of trigger factors, including chemicals, food allergies and even the weather. Extremes of cold, heat, dryness or dampness can aggravate eczema and cause a flare-up. Identifying triggers can help a sufferer manage their condition once it is known that, for instance, certain cosmetics, fabrics or detergents are involved. 

Eczema treatments in West London

Arrange a private consultation with a dermatologist at our West London skin care clinic, and they can guide you through the available treatments. Allergen testing can help to identify individual trigger factors that could be managed to ease your symptoms. Although there is no cure yet for eczema, topical creams and some systemic treatments are available that can bring great relief from the pain and discomfort of this common skin complaint.

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