Eczema Treatments in Uxbridge

Do you suffer from eczema? If so, you'll know how the itchy, red, flaky skin can really make your live difficult. Simple household tasks like washing up are impossible and the unsightly rashes can make you feel self conscious.

Eczema Triggers

Often eczema is set off by an irritant, e.g. chlorine in swimming pools, dust mites or chemicals in cosmetics and cleaning products. Obviously it's best to avoid chemicals that you know inflame your skin, but it can be difficult to totally avoid all possible irritants. Other triggers may include food allergies, rough clothing, even particularly cold weather might be the cause of skin problems. There are tests available from Eczema specialist to help identify your specific triggers, including tests for food allergies.

Eczema Treatment in Uxbridge

There are lots of different treatments to help alleviate your eczema. If your current treatment isn't working for you, then it may help to consult a specialist dermatologist. If you live in Uxbridge or surrounding areas, booking a consultation at a specialist clinic like Miravue Skin Clinic could help you bring your condition under control. They can help work out a personalised treatment program, including allergy tests and emollient creams.

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