Eczema treatments in Southall

Red itchy skin

If you have developed itchy or otherwise painful patches of red skin, you may be suffering from eczema. Symptoms of eczema include skin which is red and inflamed or dry and cracked; the skin my by itchy or sore, or possibly stinging. If the skin has cracked then you may find that it will begin to bleed or ooze.

Eczema triggers

Atopic eczema is genetic, but another kind of eczema - contact dermatitis - has external causes such as allergens. A person who is allergic to or intolerant of certain foods may find eczema flaring up on their bodies.

Amongst the allergies that can cause eczema flare-ups are allergies to wheat, gluten, nut, fish, dairy, eggs and nuts. As it is possible to have an allergy without realising it, some medical advice may be required.

Eczema treatments in Southall

Eczema currently cannot be cured, but there are many treatments available for the symptoms. As the severity of eczema varies from person to person - and from one case of flaring-up to another - you are advised to consult your dermatologist as to which treatment would be the most suited for you.

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