Eczema Treatments in Harrow

Red itchy skin

Eczema is a common skin condition which causes great discomfort to sufferers. The skin becomes red, itchy and often sore and dry. Commonly, eczema occurs behind the knees, in elbow creases, on the hands and neck, and around the eyes and ears. However, it can spread all over the body, and scratching these red and itchy areas may lead to scarring.

Severe eczema

In severe cases the skin cracks and becomes extremely sore – often with oozing and bleeding from affected areas. Naturally this is very painful, and can have a significant impact on the lives of sufferers. Occasionally the eczema can become infected, sometimes needing antibiotic treatment.

Eczema triggers

There are many possible triggers for eczema. Some eczema has a genetic cause, but other triggers include food allergies, an allergy to something inhaled, and contact allergies e.g. household chemicals or skin products. Psychological factors such as stress can also affect eczema.

Eczema treatment in Harrow

Treatment will depend on the seriousness of the symptoms. This might be using 'topical' treatments, such as creams and ointments, or using 'systemic' treatment – medication taken internally. Allergy testing can also be undertaken, to identify possible causes for the eczema.

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