Northolt Dermal Fillers

Northolt Dermal Fillers are semi-permanent injections of collagens or synthetic substances designed to improve your skin’s appearance. The effects are long lasting and highly effective.

Get Smoother Skin

The facial fillers replace soft tissue in the dermis layer of the skin using a slender needle that is pain-free. The quick process is about 30 minutes per treatment and you experience no discomfort.

Collagen production slows as you age. The dermal fillers boost collagen levels to plump up your skin and provide you with smoother skin. Fine facial lines and wrinkles easily reduce in appearance using the fillers. The end look is more natural than surgical procedures.

Plumper Lips

Dermal Fillers are also highly effective at creating plumper lips. Define the shape of your lips in both volume and size. The result is stunning, enhanced lips.

Our fillers are used to create smoother skin, reduce wrinkle and fine lines, and enhance your lips. The effects are natural in appearance and stunning to see!

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