Greenford Dermaroller treatments

Dermaroller treatments, now available in Greenford, are popular due to amazing skin improvements that can last for years.

The procedure uses a sterile roller, which micro-punctures lower layers of the skin. The technique stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen.

With collagen boosts by as much as 400%, Dermaroller procedures result in tighter skin, less lines and wrinkles, and smoother skin.


Fine lines and wrinkles, such as fine lines around the eyes, are treatable using Dermaroller. The procedure also tones the skin and increases elasticity levels.

Stretch marks and scars

The procedure stimulates collagen to massively boost its levels underneath the skin. The skin firms up and conceal the stretchmarks.

Acne and surgery scars are also treatable. Massive boosts of collagen plump up the skin to reduce the appearance of scars.

Dermaroller treatments lead to smooth skin. After 4 to 6 sessions, optimal benefits are seen to the skin.

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