Dermaroller Treatments in Uxbridge

Over the years the collagen in your skin starts to lose its strength and elasticity, leaving fine line wrinkles, and even acne scars and stretch marks. Using dermaroller on the skin leads to new collagen deposition, resulting in firmer skin.

Based on this principle, Dermaroller is a therapeutic puncturing of the skin using a roller studded with tiny needles. These microscopic holes in the skin induce collagen formation in the skin, making it firmer and less prone to fine line wrinkles.

This process may sound painful, but a local anaesthetic administered before the process begins, as well as the skill of trained doctors and nurses administering the treatment means this treatment can be given with a minimum of pain and discomfort.

Uxbridge Dermaroller treatments

Each treatment lasts about 10 minutes after the anaesthetic is allowed to take effect, and 4-6 treatments are normally recommended at 8-12 week intervals for maximum results.

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