Dermal Fillers in Ruislip

Dermal fillers are a new treatment to improve the overall quality and appearance of skin – remove wrinkles, plump up lips, and fill out sunken cheeks – to leave you looking and feeling younger than ever.

The customer service record of our procedure speaks for itself, with our customers speaking of significant, long-lasting improvement.

If you want to combat the effects of aging or just feel refreshed and perked up, dermal fillers may be for you – and they’re now available near you in Ruislip.

Remove Wrinkles

Dermal fillers are small, local injections of collagens (the skin’s natural products to promote tensile strength, firmness and overall health) or synthetic alternatives.

Giving the skin backs its natural firmness, the fillers can tighten out wrinkles in the face or hands, and make the skin look younger, refreshed and more beautiful.

Plumper Lips

Alternatively, the injection can go straight into the lips, giving them a young-looking plumpness they might have been missing. And don’t worry – thanks to a local anaesthetic it’s completely discomfort free. 

Whatever your specific needs, dermal fillers might be the perfect thing to get you looking and feeling better.

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