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What is hyperpigmentation?

The term "hyperpigmentation" covers a range of disorders that result in cells called melanocytes producing too much melanin. This leads to a discolouration of the skin, in particular the spread of patchy, dark areas. Hyperpigmentation can result from overexposure to UV radiation; it can also be caused by trauma to the skin. It can occur in women due to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy or the usage of birth control pills. The disorder can be found across all races, although some are more prone than others.

Remove brown spots on skin

Dark spots or patches on the skin can be caused by melasma or other forms of hyperpigmentation. Effective sunblock and skin creams such as Avénes D-pigment and Skinceuticals pigment regulator are possible treatments; another is a tranexamic acid injection, which breaks down melanin. There are also numerous chemical skin peels which operate by stimulating fibroblasts in the skin into producing new proteins, resurfacing the skin and improving its tone and texture. It is strongly recommended that you consult a dermatologist as to which treatment is right for you.

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