West London Mole Removal

Why should you consider having a mole removed?

While most moles are harmless, some can become irregular or even pre-cancerous. If a mole changes in size, shape or colour, this can be a sign that not all is well. Better be safe than sorry so let any irregular moles get checked out by one of our very experienced dermatologists. Other moles might simply look unsightly, especially those on the face and in the groin area. If you're concerned about your moles you should consult your GP however the NHS wont remove any moles for purely cosmetic reasons, but don’t fret. We offer a cheap and quick


How are moles removed?

The procedures we use to remove moles are quick. Depending on size, the mole will either be destroyed through the use of an electric current with a Hyfrecator, or removed through a small surgical shave excision. Both options are simple and straightforward and our doctors will advise you on the best course of action.

Who are we? 

Miravue skin clinic is made up of a team of experts led by highly experienced dermatologists. We will make sure you will feel well looked after and cared for from the moment you first contact us right until the weeks after your treatment. 

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