Treatments for Acne in Norwood Green

Acne breakouts are not only devastating to self-esteem while the initial breakout is visible, but can deal a lasting blow to self-esteem when  you are left with deep pitted scars that remain visible long after the acne itself is gone. If acne has affected your life, let our expert team lead by dermatologists provide you with a consultation that will result in the prompt, effective treatment for your individual acne needs.

Laser acne treatment

The regenelite laser stimulates collagen production to effectively reduce the visibility and improve the texture of scars that are the result of acne. Treatments last no longer than ten to fifteen minutes, and depending on your individual needs, can range from one to six sessions to achieve full results. This specialist laser is also effective on existing acne breakouts, working by stimulating the skin's natural defense system to get rid of existing acne and also aiding in the prevention of future acne.

Acne treatments

If the laser is not an option for you, there are a variety of skin peels available to deep clean pores and reveal more beautiful skin, as well as skin fillers and the dermaroller treatment to reduce the appearance of scarring.

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