Mole Removal in Wembley

Moles are a very common feature on many people and for the greater part, are not a problem. Moles, however, can also be a nuisance and affect how we feel about ourselves. 

It is now possible to get cheap and quick mole removal in Wembley and other parts of London.

Wembley mole removal

Once a dermatologist has examined the mole in question, they will decide on the best method of removal. The usual procedures to remove a mole both quickly and effectively are either hyfrecation, where an electric current is used to destroy the mole or, alternatively, a shave excision which is a minor surgical procedure where a scalpel is utilised to remove the mole. The latter procedure is done using a local anaesthetic.

If a current mole starts to change shape and size and becomes itchy. If any of these signs appear, then it is advisable to have it checked by your doctor immediately.

Either of these methods will both quickly and effectively remove any problematic mole that you may have.

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