Mole Removal in Uxbridge

For those who are worried about an unsightly or prominent mole, dermatologists and clinics are available for mole removal near Uxbridge to offer quick and cheap mole removal. Procedures are safe, non-invasive and can usually be performed without leaving a scar.

When should I have a mole removed?

Moles can be very distressing, particularly when they are located around the face, groin, hands, neck or décolletage; and as they aren’t a high priority unless considered unusual, the NHS will not cover mole removal for cosmetic reasons. Having a dermatologist remove a mole is a cheap and effective option for those who find their moles to be damaging to their self-confidence.

How is mole removal performed?

The method used to remove moles can vary depending on the number of moles, their location and the preference of the client and dermatologist. Most moles are removed using a small electrical current; but some may require shave excision using a small scalpel and a local anaesthetic. Most procedures leave no scars and clients often notice an improvement immediately. Quick mole removal can be achieved painlessly and for reasonable prices from dermatologists near Uxbridge.

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