Mole Removal in Twickenham

How do you remove a mole?

Two methods can be used for mole removal - hyfrecation, or shave excision. Both these techniques offer cheap, quick mole removal and are carried out by our highly trained expert dermatologists.

Hyrefraction uses small electrical currents to destroy the mole by cutting off its blood supply. This is usually used on flat moles.

With shave excision, a local anaesthetic is used to keep the treatment pain-free and a small cut is made to remove the mole. It's quick, and usually heals without a scar.

Do I need to remove my mole?

Many choose to remove their moles because their appearance can be quite concerning or embarrassing. Usually moles are not a risk to your health. However, if it's raised, growing rapidly, or discoloured, it could be an irregular mole. If you're worried, make an appointment to see your GP.

Mole removal doesn't need to be scary or expensive - cheap mole removal is available from a team of experts. To find out more, book a private consultation at our clinic near Twickenham .

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