Mole Removal in Slough

A mole, medically, is nothing more than a bunch of pigment cells grouped together. To individuals who possess them, however, they may be a cause for concern that the mole may one day undergo pre-cancerous changes, or be a blundering source of self-consciousness. If these concerns sound familiar, there is cheap dermatologist mole removal treatments in Slough for you.

Slough mole removal

Whether you would like a mole removed for fear it is irregular or are tired of the negative way it effects your self-image, having a mole removed can provide both a boost to your confidence and alleviate concerns that may revolve around it.

The two options available for mole removal are shave excision and hyfrecation. Both procedures are safe and effective and involve the application of local numbing agents to minimize patient discomfort. Hyfrecation is the use of electric current going through the mole to destroy it, and shave excision uses a small incision to remove the mole. 

Whichever option you may chose to have a mole removed in Slough, know that it will be removed safely and effectively by a dermatologist.

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