Mole removal in Ruislip

Mole removal is becoming an increasingly popular procedure and can be done both safely and quickly. 

Moles should be checked often (every month) and if necessary treated by a medical professional. Most moles are problematic for some people, especially if they are particularly prominent.

Ruislip mole removal

The procedure for removing a mole is both quick and cheap and there are clinics for mole removal in Ruislip where your mole can be removed either by a simple surgical procedure called a shave excision, where the mole is removed under local anaesthetic using a scalpel, or alternatively, by passing an electric current through the mole which destroys it. 

Which procedure is chosen may depend on the extent of the mole and is best left to the dermatologist to decide which is the preferred method of mole removal in your own case.

Will I need aftercare?

The mole removal procedure is usually very quick and has very little down-time. Most people are able to go to work the very next day.

Details of specific aftercare will be given to you by your doctor, however if you're prone to moles then you should be wearing sun screen daily to protect your skin.

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