Mole Removal in Northolt

If you’re feeling self-conscious about a mole, then our dermatologists near Northolt are able to help. With our innovative use of new techniques, mole removal is safe, cheap and painless for most patients.

How to prevent scarring after mole removal?

Dermatologist mole removal is a very safe method of improving the complexion, and most people will experience no scarring at all. The dermatologists are experts and will be able to advise on the likelihood of any scarring and how to minimise this.

Irregular Moles

If you’re concerned about any moles then your first contact should be with your GP as moles can be pre-cancerous. It’s important to watch out for:

Asymmetry – as one half of the mole being a different shape or larger than the other can indicate an irregular mole

Any changes in colour, or different colours throughout the mole

Raised moles or those with deep roots

Irregular borders – most moles should have a well-defined and even border

Large moles – any over 6mm may be considered to be suspicious

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