Mole Removal in Harrow

Moles have a sordid history in the aesthetic world, sometimes seen as a mark of beauty, sometimes seen as a glaring imperfection. Whether you would like a mole removed because you stand on the imperfection side of the mole debate or because you're mole is causing you problems (catching on clothes, or your razor), there is a cheap, quick, dermatologist mole removal in Harrow for you.

Harrow mole removal treatments

If you are concerned your mole is irregular, know that rapid changes in the size, appearance, colour or texture of a mole are indicators of possible pre-cancerous changes and any mole with these changes should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible.

There are two options for mole removal, hyfrecation and shave excision. Hyfrecation uses electric current to effectively destroy it, while shave excision is a minor surgical procedure that uses a small incision to remove the mole. Both procedures invoke the use of local anaesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Whatever your reasons for having your mole removed may be, there are effective, safe options for you in Harrow. 

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