Mole Removal in Greenford

There are many great options for mole removal in Greenford if you’re feeling self-conscious about a visible or ugly mole. Whilst the NHS is unfortunately unable to help if your mole is not irregular and poses no risk; there are dermatologists near Greenford who are able to offer cheap mole removal privately.

Scared about mole removal?

Any procedure can be worrying; but removing a mole is a simple and safe practice which can usually be carried out without any scars or side effects. Quick mole removal can be achieved through the use of Hyfrecation – where a small electrical current destroys the mole, or through a minor surjery under local anaesthetic. Our dermatologists will help patients choose the procedure that’s best for them, and get expert advice whilst also benefiting from cheap mole removal.

How long does it take to recover from a mole removal?

Mole removal operations are usually painless and most people will have no side effects whatsoever. Depending on the number and location of moles, most people feel recovered almost immediately and will be fine to return to work following the procedure. Your dermatologist will be happy to advise of how long recovery will take and any special skincare requirements following your mole removal.

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