Mole Removal in Cranford

Amongst the many skin complaints that people have, moles are perhaps the most common. The good news those is that it is now possible to remove moles quickly and effectively in Cranford and the surrounding areas. 

Mole removal in Cranford

It is highly unlikely that a person will be able to have a mole removed on the NHS as no funding is available for cosmetic procedures. However, as moles can have a significant affect on an individuals' self confidence, many people do seek out cheap and effective methods of getting their moles removed. 

The good news is that there is a skin specialist not far from Cranford who has an expert team of dermatologists who can remove your mole for you quickly. 

Mole removal treatments

This is usually done by one of two methods:

  1.  By destroying the mole by using an electric current 
  2.  By performing a shave excision which is a minor surgical procedure

Both of these procedures are minor and are performed using a local anaesthetic.

We offer a full Histopathology service for any moles removed, your doctor will advise you on when this is necessary. This also offers you protection from a more serious illness further down the line.

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