Laser hair removal can’t treat dark skin?

A recent news story has caused a stir among readers, particularly among those who make use of laser hair removal treatments. The story in question is concerned with the case of a black woman who was refused laser hair removal treatment at a Bristol-based beauty salon, on the grounds of her skin colour.

According to the salon manager, the decision not to treat this particular client was not based on her skin colour, but rather on her skin type. The laser hair removal treatments offered at this clinic use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser technology, which is not suitable for certain skin types, including Afro–Caribbean skin and other dark skin types. It is claimed that the use of IPL laser treatments on these skin types may cause severe burning to the skin, as heavily pigmented skin absorbs more energy from the laser equipment, therefore resulting in skin damage.

It is known that laser hair removal treatments are not recommended for individuals with fair, white, or ginger hair, as these hair types do not respond to the treatment. 

Although some manufacturers claim that their IPL laser equipment can be safely used on patients of all skin types, it is always advisable to seek professional advice before undergoing an IPL laser hair removal treatment in order to make sure that there will be no unwanted side effects. There are other laser types, such as diode, alexandrite and soprano lasers, also used in hair removal treatments, but the use of these also is subject to restrictions based on skin type.

Those looking for a reliable hair removal method now have a safer and better alternative to IPL treatments. Nd:YAG laser is the safest and most robust form of laser hair removal technology. The main advantage of Nd:YAG laser treatments is that they can be safely applied to ALL skin types and have a higher efficiency rate. YAG laser treatments are particularly apt for hair removal, as this laser type can effectively treat large areas of skin at once. The greater efficiency of YAG laser hair removal treatments has been documented in research studies. Studies have shown the Nd:YAG to be far more effective than IPL, offering up to a 95% permanent reduction in hair.

To sum up, when it comes to hair removal, YAG laser treatments are a safe and reliable option for hair removal.

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