Ickenham Mole Removal

Mole Removal in Ickenham

Moles can be a cause of reduced confidence in personal appearance. If you wish to have a mole removed, you will be glad to know that this can easily and cheaply be accomplished thanks to modern treatment techniques. Our skin and mole treatment team is led by expert dermatologists who specialise in mole removal.

Does Mole Removal Scar?

There is a chance that a small scar will form following the removal of a mole. Surgical removal usually involves excision, so as with any procedure, healing may leave a small scar in the area. The level of scarring depends on skin type. Luckily, scars may be minimised by various methods including creams and laser treatment.

Is Mole Removal Painful?

Depending on the size of your mole, the area may be sore after surgery. This is normal and generally does not last for long. Many people experience no discomfort or pain at all following mole removal. Ordinary pain killers are effective for reducing any discomfort you may experience following mole removal.

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