Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Uxbridge

The skin contains melanin-producing cells called melanocytes. Melanin is the substance that provides the skin with its colour. 

What is hyperpigmentation?

Skin with excessive melanin is known as hyperpigmented skin, which often results in dark patches on the skin. These dark patches develop slowly and they can appear anywhere on the body.

The causes of hyperpigmentation include skin inflammation, the use of certain types of medications, sun exposure and hormonal changes or changes in hormone sensitivity.

How to lighten brown spots

For those who wish to lighten their brown spots, depigmenting creams and serums such as Avéne's D-pigment or Skinceutical's pigment regulator can help. 

For the elimination of stubborn areas of dark skin, specialist treatment may be required. Specialist treatments include deep skin peels, medical de-pigmenting creams and tranexamic acid injections. 

Hyperpigmentation will not be eliminated overnight. Treating the condition requires persistence and patience and a combination of treatments may be required. 

You should take steps to avoid exposing your skin to the sun’s harsh rays as this may cause further darkening of the patches. We recommend Heliocare sun screen.

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