Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Ealing

Hyperpigmentation results when melanin, a brown pigment present in the cells of the skin, is produced in larger quantities than usual. The level of melanin in the skin determines the tone and colour of an individual’s skin. The overproduction of melanin in certain areas causes the skin to develop dark patches, which often look unsightly. 

Melanin overproduction can occur due to an overactive immune system or trauma of the skin. Brown patches may also develop a result of exposure to the sun’s rays and hormonal imbalances or sensitivities. 

While anyone can experience hyperpigmentation, the condition is common in pregnant women, women taking birth control pills and those experiencing hormonal imbalances. The condition, known as Melasma, is also more prevalent in ethnic skin. 

Ealing pigmentation treatments

While pigmentation will not disappear overnight, it can be eliminated through treatment. A consultation with a hyperpigmentation specialist will enable an individual to discover the best treatments for their needs. 

Recommended treatments for hyperpigmentation include depigmentation creams, skin peels, tranexamic acid injections, pigment regulators such as Avénes D-pigment and Skinceuticals pigment regulator, and effective sunblock. 

The effects of hyperpigmentation treatments are gradual and strict avoidance of sunlight, with effective sun screen, is necessary during treatment.

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