Harrow Acne Treatments

Are you living in Harrow with problem skin at the moment? Have you had acne in your teenage years and still have the scars? Our skincare experts can help treat these issues.

Dermatologist-approved treatment

Our clinics have a team of skincare experts including nurses and dermatologists. We perform the best available treatments for acne and scarred skin. This professional team has 20+ years of experience in the treatment of acne and related issues, and we always aim to provide the latest treatments available.

Acne problems?

We can perform laser therapy such as Regenlite that effectively treats acne at a dermal level. We can also perform treatments such as peels - for example the Jessner peel - to relieve the pain and redness of acne, and stock a wide range of skincare products to help prevent recurring acne problems. Our dermatologists can prescribe medical skincare if required for serious acne cases.

Residual acne scarring?

Our skin peels can also be performed to remove some levels of acne scarring. Other remedial scar treatments available from us include Juvaderm® dermal fillers, and the new Dermaroller treatment which utilises the skin's own repair mechanisms.

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