Cranford Pigmentation Treatments

Treating uneven skin tone in Cranford

People can develop uneven skin colouration at any age. Hyper-pigmentation is the word used to describe a group of conditions that cause darkened areas appear on the skin, while leaving other areas unaffected. This occurs due to the over production of a substance known as melanin, which is responsible for giving skin a browner colour.

Noticeable cases of hyper pigmentation are likely to reduce self confidence and self image, as uneven skin tone has been shown to increase the perceived age of a person. We can treat pigmentation with various methods including creams and chemical peels.

Even Skin-Tone

The causes for hyper pigmentation can vary. A typical cause for small dark spots is sun damage. It is not a condition that is limited to people with fair skin, and in fact many people with darker skin tones can be more prone to developing hyper pigmentation.

Lighten Brown Spots

This condition can be treated with products such as Avénes D-pigment and Skinceuticals pigment regulator, both of which are effective at lightening skin tone.

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