Un-even skin tone: Creams vs Treatments

iStock 000019210653XSmallWe already know that un-even skin tone has been scientifically proven to make someone appear older, but what you might not know is, not all treatments are equal when it comes to un-even skin tone.

Un-even skin tone creams

There are some new creams on the market that do a great job of concealing un-even skin tone, but it is important to understand that they are superficial – just like any make-up – and won’t be dealing with the underlying issues.

Even the best skin creams can only act on the surface layer of the skin (the epidermis). The problem with this is that most of the pigmentation which causes un-even skin tone is in the deeper layers of the skin.

Un-even skin tone treatments

If you’re serious about tackling un-even skin tone at its roots then you should consider some of the following treatments.

1. Tranexamic acid, this is injected into target areas to remove excess pigmentation from the deep layers of the skin, areas which over-the-counter skin creams cannot reach.

2. Skin Peels, light peels can treat surface-level pigmentation and medium to heavy peels can penetrate to the deep layers of the skin, removing stubborn pigmentation.

3. Prescribed de-pigmenting creams containing hydroquinone, such as Pigmanorm. 

Un-even skin tone creams and serums

These non-make up skin creams and serums, unavailable in shops due to clinical contents, provide great relief of un-even skin tone problems.

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