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Moles are one of the most common skin complaint we see here. Each year we help hundreds of people from Southall remove their moles, leaving them visibly happier and more confident.

Why should you remove a mole?

As moles generally don't pose a direct health risk you will have a hard time convincing your GP to remove them on the NHS. However, many people find the appearance and location of their moles to be distressing. Especially moles appearing on the face, neck and groin. 

Moles can also become pre-cancerous, if you notice any of the below talk to your GP immediately.

A Asymmetry, is the mole symmetrical? If one half is bigger or different in shape from the other it can indicate an unusual mole.

B Border, normal moles have a well defined border. If the border is irregular, un-even or notched it may be an unusual mole.

C Colour, different shades of colour can indicate an irregular mole.

D Diameter, moles larger than 6mm should be considered to be suspicious.

E Elevation, if the mole is raised or seems to have deep roots this can be considered irregular.

With all of these the biggest indicator of an irregular mole is rapid growth, or any change in existing moles. If you're concerned about any of your moles you should see your GP immediately.

How do you remove a mole?

Mole removal is usually a very quick procedure.

There are a few ways to remove a mole such as;

  • Hyfrecation - using electric current to destroy the mole
  • Shave excision - a minor surgical procedure involving a local anaesthetic. A small scalpel is used to remove the mole.

Our extremely experienced dermatologists will be able to decide the best course of action for your moles.

If you are predisposed to moles you should ensure you're wearing sun screen daily, we always recommend Heliocare SPF 50+ Gel

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