Hounslow acne treatments

Traditionally considered a problem exclusive to adolescents, acne can strike both men and women throughout their lives. Our skin reflects the stresses we experience in our bodies and our lives. Hormonal changes, stress, diet, environmental - these are just some of the factors that can trigger acne. 

Acne is very much an individual problem therefore each case must be treated as unique. Our team of experts, led by dermatologists, will assess your acne and develop a treatment plan especially for you. 

Skincare products

Our team are up to date with all the latest products and will devise a regime to keep your skin clean, moisturised and free of acne-causing bacteria.

Laser Treatments

Our Regenlite Laser treatment is recommended by many dermatologists as it stimulates the skin to heal itself. 87% of people with acne vulgaris who undergo this specialist laser therapy report a significant improvement in their acne.

Skin Peels

The top layer of skin is peeled using chemicals and this also helps to stimulate the skin to heal.


Our dermatologists sometimes prescribe medication for application or to be taken orally - this can be effectively combined with skin peels.

Acne Scarring

Unfortunately acne may leave scars. Our dermatologists and experts will assess the scarring and recommend treatments like Dermaroller, Skin Peels and Skin Fillers. 

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