Get rid of your hairy back

There are women who prefer men with hairy chests, and there are others who prefer their guys to be smooth, but if there's one thing that unites almost all of them it's that hair does not belong on the back. As well as being unsightly, a hairy back can make you look prematurely old.

Some women even see it as looking dirty or unhygienic. And indeed it is true that back hair can trap sweat, increasing body odour as well as making you feel uncomfortable, hot and prickly.

Why has hair started growing on my back?

It's a sad fact of life that men get hairier as they age, with back hair often starting to appear in the mid-twenties and get worse from then onwards. This is due to increased sensitivity to, or levels of, hormones like testosterone , and in many cases there is a genetic factor: if you have a hairy dad, odds are you'll be hairy yourself.

What can I do about my back hair?

Before you start reaching for mirrors and razors, or nervously eyeing your girlfriend's wax strips, stop for a moment. There is a way that is easier, less painful and can even work out cheaper in the long run. Permanent laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe?

It depends on what kind of laser hair removal you use, as well as a few other factors, like your skin and hair colour. Here at Miravue, we only use Nd:YAG medical grade lasers, the kind which dermatologists agree is both the safest and the most effective.

So effective, in fact, that 95% of hair does not grow back after it has been treated. Watch out for practitioners offering IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser hair removal.

This is not only much less effective than Nd:YAG, it can even be dangerous, causing painful and unsightly skin disfigurements that can in some cases be permanent. Any clinic or salon offering laser hair removal should be supported by dermatologists and nurses, and be able to offer expert, personal advice.

But is laser back hair removal really for men?

Absolutely. Athletes like swimmers and body builders have been doing it for years in order to improve their performance. Still not sure? Why not book a completely free consultation for personalised advice about whether laser hair removal is right for you?

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