Cheap Mole Removal Warning

iStock 000008418948SmallSome back-room clinics have been offering cheap mole removal to unsuspecting patients, subjecting them to unsanitary conditions and potentially putting their health at risk.

People tempted by the low cost don’t realise that the techniques used are not medically sound and, most importantly, they don’t provide vitally important after care like Histopathology (study of tissue to check for irregularities)

The rooms these treatments take place in are often not kept clean and sterile instruments are not used so there is a significant risk of infection. 

Why is Histopathology important?

Whenever we perform an excision or mole removal our dermatologist will decide whether to send a sample of the tissue to a medical laboratory to be fully checked out to check for any irregularities.

If this step is missed out you may miss a vitally important diagnosis which could ultimately save your life.

Not all moles need to be sent for Histopathology.

Safe mole removal

All of our mole removal procedures are performed by a fully qualified dermatologist with many years of experience in treating and diagnosing a vast range of skin conditions.

All procedures are performed in safe, hygienic and comfortable surroundings 

Our procedures can then be followed up with clinical diagnosis and tests on the tissue removed to ensure your safety.

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