5 Steps to Smooth Summer Skin

Summer is just around the corner, and will be upon us before we know it!
To help you prepare for your best summer yet we’ve put together the five steps to smoother, clearer looking skin.

1. Laser hair removal

If you’re planning on spending any time on a beach this summer you will want your legs looking their smoothest.
Using our medical grade Nd:YAG laser we can safely and effectively remove hair on any skin type. However, you’ll need to start your treatments soon as a course of 6-8 treatments is recommended for the best results!

2. How to get smooth skin with dermaroller for the summer

The Sun bombards your skin with UV, depleting collagen in your skin over time. This leaves your skin thinner, and more prone to wrinkles. As collagen production slows down with age the effect of the Sun can be particularly pronounced.
Using Dermaroller’s micro-needling to stimulate collagen growth deep inside the layers of the skin we can reduce the signs of wrinkles leaving smooth and radiant skin.

3. Dermatologist consultation

The heat and dryness of the summer can trigger eczema flare-ups, and make exisiting skin conditions worse. Our dermatologists can help to diagnose, treat and eliminate your skin problems. While giving you advice on how to manage your skin condition in the hot weather.

4. Wart, mole and skin tag removal

There’s nothing worse than having something on you that you really wish wasn’t there!
If you have a mole, wart or skin tag that you want removed we can help. The removal process is relatively quick and can usually be done on the same day as your consultation with the dermatologist.

5. Summer skincare regime

We all know good products can make a difference. At Miravue Skin Clinic we stock exclusive skin products that can only be sold in medical clinics such as ours.

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