Who can you trust with laser hair removal?

With the rise of social-buying sites like Groupon and Living Social we’re all used to seeing Laser Hair Removal offered at rock-bottom prices, but BEWARE! Take the time to check who is offering the treatment and whether it will actually work! The service being offered is often ineffective and in the wrong hands dangerous!

How do they get away with it?

Salons and beauticians offering Laser Hair Removal will normally be using an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) system. It is less powerful and not a medical grade laser so many people complain about unsatisfactory results, as well as a hole in their pocket.

As it is far less effective people end up having 15 or more treatments, with little to no hair reduction. To make matters worse it can also be dangerous for people with dark skin, often leaving them with loss of pigment, keloid scars and in severe cases infected blisters!

What should I look out for?

      • Anyone who only offers IPL laser hair removal, IPL isn’t the best option for laser hair removal.
      • Clinics without the backing of nursing staff or dermatologists, who can advise laser technicians on the safest practises.
      • Rock-bottom prices. If the price is so low, ask yourself “why?”

“Ask yourself how good is the technician carrying out your treatment?

Is the machine they are using effective?
Why is this so cheap?” – Miravue Medical Staff

Who should I trust for Laser Hair Removal?

If you are interested in permanently reducing the appearance of hair on your body you want to put your faith in someone you can trust.

Every good Laser Hair Removal clinic should offer;

      • Nd:YAG Medical-grade laser – the most effective laser around, clinically proven and safe to use on all skin colours.
      • The backing of Dermatologists and Nursing staff, to provide the best care and advice for your peace of mind.
      • The highest levels of cleanliness, treatment rooms that are kept to the same standards as NHS & Private hospitals.
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