Juvederm® in Ealing

Juvederm® is one of our most popular skin fillers. Our expert team lead by dermatologists often see people from Ealing for Juvederm® treatments, along with other skin fillers and Botox®

Juvederm® treatments in Ealing

Juvederm® has a range of skin fillers which combat the signs of ageing by smoothing the skin, reducing the appearnace of wrinkles and plumping out the lips.

  • Lip Enhancement (volume, size)
  • Facial Lines (lips, Nasolabial = smile/frown lines, etc)
  • Wrinkles (Forehead, crow’s feet)
  • Weak/Sunken Cheeks
  • Acne scars
  • General scarring
  • Unsightly Veins
  • Neck and hands

Are all areas that can be treated with skin fillers and Juvederm®.

All treatments are carried out in our Southall Medical Centre by either a qualified nurse or dermatologist. Initial consultations for skin fillers are free!

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