Scar treatments in Ealing

There are several types of scars that occur and each require a different approach for effective reduction. Our nurses and dermatologists have extensive experience treating people from Ealing for scars and scarring conditions.

Types of scarring

Acne scars:

These are typically deep-pitted and can be quite noticeable. They arise from bouts of acne where the spots have been picked at and subsequently scarred over. Acne scars cannot be effectively treated if you still have active acne, so it is advised that you treat the acne first.


Medical scars:

Some scars left over from medical treatments and surgeries can be reduced with a dermaroller treatment.

Burn scars:

Also known as contracture scars, have varying degrees of severity depending on the depth and area of the burn. Specilist treatment is often needed.

Raised scars:

Commonly known as keloid scars, these overgrowths of tissue caused by an overproduction of collagen often continue growing after the wound has healed and can grow beyond the area of the original wound.

This type of scarring can affect mobility and is most common for people with ethnic skin.

Hypertrophic scars:

Similar to keloid scars, however they do not grow beyond the original wound area. These tend to be red and raised.

If you are concerned about a scar, or simply want more information about them our dermatologists can give you an in-depth consultation and advise you on all possible treatments, most of which can be carried out here.

Recommended treatments:

Juvederm® in Ealing
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