Psoriasis treatments in Cranford

Psoriasis is a chronic and long-lasting auto-immune skin condition which can lead to many problems to your health, both mentally and physically.

Our specialist Dermatologists in Southall have over 20 years experience treating Psoriasis in Cranford successfully.

Do I have Psoriasis? 

Psoriasis vulgaris, the most common type, usually carries three distinct symptoms;

  • Red spots and patches of redness
  • A scaly appearance to the skin
  • Red, itchy plaques

There is another, rarer, form of Psoriasis called Psoriasis pustulosa which is more severe. It has the same symptoms as vulgaris and also produces pustules or blisters on the skin containing fluid.

Treatments for Psoriasis in Cranford

Our dermatologists can help with all types of psoriasis.

All treatments start with an initial consultation with a dermatologist in our Medical Centre. Common treatments for Psoriasis are;

  • Topical prescription medicines - medicated creams and lotions for the skin
  • Systemic prescription medicines - specialist medicines, typically taken orally
  • Light therapy 
  • Lifestyle changes - changes to your lifestyle

If you're concerned about your skin get in touch with one of our skincare advisors to discuss the treatments and care available to you.

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